The Opening Act

Introduction to Music Therapy Out Loud

  • About Me, Why I Blog and What I Blog About.

I am a board certified music therapist-I have been certified for a whopping 1 month and 1 day.  Being a new professional I found myself having lots and lots of questions.  I thought what better way to answer my own questions and maybe help others at the same time-I’ll start a blog. (feed two birds with one seed)

Every therapist is unique and therefore I think we have so much we can offer one another-that is what this is all about, sharing experiences, learning together and using our voices.  I want to combine all my loves into this blog: music therapy, eco-conscious living, learning…oh and world peace.  I will tackle everyday issues from how to be an eco-friendly music therapist and keeping organized… to bigger issues like legislature, politics and music therapy trends.

I am inspired by and so happy to be a part of the hundreds( maybe thousands?) of other music therapists in social media today. 6 years ago when I googled music therapy hardly anything came up and now there is an abundance to choose from.

Maybe some day… a young high school music therapist to be will happen upon my blog and say……..”Like OMG! This is totally sick, I totally want to make this my like forever work situation.”


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