Quick Tip Tuesday

It seems like every week I stumble across some piece of helpful information I can use in my clinical work.  I decided that I will post a quick nugget of information for music therapists and other music professionals each and every Tuesday! I hope you enjoy this week’s tip.

Making your guitar strings last longer!

In my clinical work I play the guitar for almost every session.  So my strings tend to get dirty quickly and that doesn’t sound to great : ) 

Two tips to keep your strings clean:

1-Use Purell hand santizer before you play.  This will dry out your hands and less oil from your fingers will transfer to the strings.

2- Clean your strings with rubbing alcohol to remove oils that build up on your strings.


Let me know if you found these tips helpful!



Could this be the newest fad for music therapists?

On a recent trip to Guitar Center I came across the most adorable instrument.  And by “adorable” I mean compact, great sound, fun and interesting instrument…it is called a guitalele ( I like to pronounce it ghee-ta-le-le).  It is a guitar-ukulele hybrid….enough said.  Apparently the guitalele has been around for a few years.. ….but I had never really seen anything like it so I thought I simply must blog about it! It has all the amenities of a ukulele:

distinguishable sound

small stature


nylon strings

with the familiarity of the guitar:


same chord fingerings as guitar

It’s tuning:


With the popularity of ukulele on the rise this instrument has “emerged” at just the right time.  Many music therapists love to pick up new instruments, but with busy schedules it is hard to take the time to learn something new like ukulele.  The guitalele is a chance to bring in the sound and size of the ukulele while not having to take the time to learn a completely new instrument. Yamaha makes this wonderful instrument available for only $99!!!! I highly recommend this instrument.