Importance of an Online Presence

Starting something new can be scary. But if you never take big leaps of faith-you can’t expect to fly! 

I recently started graduate school at IUPUI here in Indianapolis. A blog on my amazing journey to graduate school is in the works : ) Inspiration for this post came from a recent class in which we discussed our online presence. 

Today I wanted to talk about creating an online presence. In my music technology course we discussed the benefits of creating an engaging and professional online presence. During the class we were each asked to google our own names.(Which I suggest you do…right now) SO…When you google your name…what comes up? For me it was my twitter, facebook, linked in, google plus and pinterest.  (Along with a few mentions of accomplishments and awards spanning the past 10years).   Can we really compartmentalize ourselves online? My answer is…hmmm-probably not. BUT I use those things for my PERSONAL enjoyment not to promote myself online! Wrong. Everyone can see basically everything you are personally interested in. Wouldn’t it be nice if a good looking, professional website was the first item that showed up on the google search of your name? 

But what if you are a music therapist working for a company…..not in private practice-why have an online presence?

Advocacy! Involvement! Advocacy in our profession is so important, spreading the word about music therapy whether that be through a blog or simply getting involved in committees and/or groups through the national music therapy organization. Imagine this: you make a new friend who asks you about music therapy-you hand them your card. They can then go to your personal website-get to know you AND learn about music therapy! 

I gain inspiration from fellow music therapists who have a powerful online presence, offering tools for music therapists, biography of the therapist, specializations, contact information and online forums for discussion. 

For now……. I will continue to blog-…more actively…and perhaps eventually build my own website….with the help of an expert of course. 





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