Tell Me a Story…Sing Me a Story


“Tell me a story, creative story cards”

I just picked up the cutest set of cards to use in music therapy sessions! The cards are produced by eeBoo and illustrated by Stephanie Graegin.  You can see more here

The beautifully illustrated cards provide children & adults with an opportunity to create their own stories! Because each card is so wonderfully intricate, a new story can emerge every time you use the cards. They can also be used with a variety of age ranges and populations. Pictured here is the Animal Village set.


There are few different ways to use the cards.

Below I suggest two that I have used so far.

1) You can play as they suggest, creating a silly story(or SONG) together.

– 1 person goes first and draws a card, then starts the story

– Each person  takes a turn drawing a card and adds his/her plot to the story

– You can sing the story together using a simple improvised vamp.

This activity can help:

Promote creativity

Work on sequencing

Increase receptive and expressive communication


Another option for these cards is: 

2) YOU(the therapist) can sing a scenario and have the participant pick the card that best FITS what you are singing.


– The therapist lays out a few cards ( the more cards, the higher the difficulty)

– The therapist then sings a short scenario ( ex. Mr. Fox went a walking today and he saw some candy on his way)

– I use a simple blues progression-but you could use anything you wanted

– The participant then points to the card that correctly identifies the sung scenario

I use this intervention with school age children in the special education classroom and we have a lot of fun!  The activity allows for participation at many different levels. You can even add a layer of difficulty and ask them to identify  what else they  find in the picture.

This intervention addresses:

Receptive language

Working memory

Non verbal & verbal communication skills

Focus of attention 


How would you integrate these cards into your clinical work?!

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